The Essential Ear Plugs For Swimming.

 Designed for Swimming
 Easy to use applicator
 Comes with carry case

Why should you wear ear plugs when you go swimming?

Noise-x Swimmers ear plugs are the perfect ear plugs for swimming. Our reusable earplugs are more durable than mouldable silicone and wax ear plugs for swimming; where mouldable plugs are only good for a few uses before becoming dirty or losing the tackiness that holds them together, swimmers earplugs are good for weeks of use with occasional gentle cleaning in warm, soapy water.

We designed our earplugs for swimming making them quick and easy to insert, unlike silicone earplugs that must be rolled between your fingers to warm them up and then carefully sealed over and all the way around the ear canal, while reusable swimming ear plugs can generally be inserted quickly and easily with one simple to use applicator.

Keeping water out of your ears can be more important than you think, getting water in your ears is not only annoying but it can also lead to infection or what’s commonly known as swimmer’s ear, this is an infection in the outer ear canal, which runs from your eardrum to the outside of your head. It’s often brought on by water that remains in your ear after swimming, creating a moist environment that aids bacterial growth. As we all know prevention is better than a cure so why take the chance?


1. Place the fitting applicator over the stem of the earplug.

2. Pull the ear upward and outward and insert earplug into the ear until a perfect fit is obtained.

3. Remove the fitting applicator.



If you enjoy swimming you should wear a pair of Noise-x adult swimming ear plugs, although most swimming pools are maintained to a high standard you can never guarantee against infection from bacteria which could be in the water.

Adult swimmers earplugs also help protect you if you find the chemicals in the water too strong.

Manufactured from Soft Silicone.

Packed in a hard travel case.

Available in Orange.

1 pair per pack.

Graduated thin flanges create an excellent and watertight fit.


Do not push too deeply into ear

Keep out of reach of children

If the user has a perforated ear-drum or ear infection please consult a doctor before use

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