Introducing our best noise reducer.

 Perfect for Studying
 Great for sleeping
 Ideal for travel
 Comes with carry case

Why should you wear Noise-x foam bullet earplugs?

Our foam bullet earplugs are soft and comfortable, and have the highest SNR rating of our entire range blocking out a hefty 26dB. This means Noise x Foam barrel earplugs block out most noise making them great for sleeping next to your snoring partner, studying, operating noisy machinery or blocking out that annoying plane drone when you’re travelling.

Foam earplugs are easy to use and designed to expand to fill your ear canal once they are inserted, meaning they won’t fall out as you sleep also their bullet shape makes them easy to insert into your ear. Noise x foam barrel earplugs are made of safe PVC foam so as to not irritate your ear.

Our foam bullet earplugs are so good they want you to bring the noise.


1. Place the earplug between thumb and forefinger. Roll and compress into a crease free cylinder .

2. Pull the ear upward and outward and while compressed quickly place the earplug into the ear canal.

3. Hold in the ear for 15-20 seconds until fully expanded.



Noise-x Foam Bullet Earplugs are the softest and smoothest earplug in the range using polyurethane foam

They create very little pressure in the ear canal, yet effectively reduces noise, making them ideal for use over long periods either on building sites, music venues or just for sleeping.

Packed in a hard travel case.

Ergonomic shape makes them easy to place in the ear.

2 Pairs per pack.


Do not push too deeply into ear

Keep out of reach of children

If the user has a perforated ear-drum or ear infection please consult a doctor before use

Noise Rating



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