The Noise-x Earplug Range

Wax Ear Plugs
Foam Bullet Ear Plugs
Foam Barrel Ear plugs
Silicone Ear Plugs
Children's Swimming Ear Plugs
Swimmers Ear plugs for adults
Wax Ear Plug

Wax Earplugs

Noise-x Wax Earplugs block out the noise when sleeping, flying, or simply to block out the noise wherever you are.

They are made from mouldable, cotton covered natural wax making them very comfortable.

The wax softens when shaped and moulds perfectly to fit ear canal.

Packed in a hard travel case.

SNR 20db.

6 pairs per pack.

Foam Bullet Shaped Earplugs

Noise-x Foam Bullet Earplugs are the softest and smoothest earplug in the range using polyurethane foam

It creates very little pressure in the ear canal, yet effectively reduces noise, making them ideal for use over long periods either on building sites or music venues. And great for sleeping.

Packed in a hard travel case.

Ergonomic shape makes them easy to place in the ear.

SNR 26db

2 Pairs per pack.

Foam Bullet Shape Ear plugs
Foam Barrel Earplugs

Noise-x Foam Barrel Ear Plugs

Noise-x Foam Barrel Earplugs are based on the classic design and are great for sleeping, use on building sites, when flying or just to keep out noise.

Soft, safe PVC foam.

Packed in a hard travel case.

Expands slowly creating an effective block against external sounds.

SNR 24db.

2 Pairs per pack

Silicone Ear Plugs

Noise-x silicone multi purpose earplugs are perfect for blocking out noise and helping you get some sleep, they can help stop your ears popping when flying.

Made from soft silicone, they are very comfortable to wear and the plastic storage case keeps them to hand to whenever you need them.

3 pairs per pack

Silicone Ear plugs
Swimmers Ear plugs

Adult Swimmers Ear Plugs

Noise-x Adult Swimmers Earplugs. If you enjoy swimming you should wear a pair of swimming earplugs, although most swimming pools are maintained to a high standard you can never guarantee against infection from bacteria which could be in the water. Earplugs also help protect you if you find the chemicals in the water too strong.

Manufactured from Soft Silicone.
Graduated thin flanges create an excellent and watertight fit.
Packed in a hard travel case.
Available in Orange.
1 pair per pack.

Children Swimmers Ear Plugs

Noise-x Swimmer’s children’s earplugs are specifically designed to keep water out of ears and are manufactured from Soft Silicone so that your child can swim with ease and confidence whether it’s in the sea or swimming pool.

Graduated thin flanges create an excellent and watertight fit.

Packed in a hard travel case.

Available in Green.

1 pair per pack.

Childrens Swimmers Ear plugs

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